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Trucker to be charged after fatal motorcycle crash in California

The size difference between a motorcycle and just about every other vehicle on the road is fairly dramatic. Cars, pickup trucks, vans and semi trucks are all much larger than a motorcycle and this means that in a collision, a motorcyclist will often be the person to suffer the most severe injuries. 

The biggest discrepancy in size can easily be seen when a crash involves a biker and commercial truck. Imagine being on a motorcycle, which already offers less protection than other vehicles, and being struck by an enormous and powerful tractor trailer on the highway. The results of these crashes are often catastrophic for the motorcyclist, while a trucker may be left completely unscathed. One such motorcycle accident recently occurred in California and it has left a family devastated. 

According to reports, police have determined that the driver of a semi truck was at fault in the crash that left a 56-year-old motorcyclist dead and his 12-year-old son fighting for his life. The young boy suffered several broken bones when the trucker allegedly smashed into the bike his father was driving. Sources do not indicate that the trucker was injured in the crash, but authorities expect that he will face criminal charges for his role in the accident. 

It is often very difficult for families to find any sense of justice or closure after such a tragic loss. And while there is nothing that can bring back a loved back after a fatal accident, taking legal action against the party responsible for that loss can give family members some type of peace. Filing civil claims in addition to criminal charges can help families pursue compensation from the negligent party, which can help alleviate the stress of the economic impact of a loss. It is true that money will not be able to undo the damage of a sudden and tragic loss, but it can help families cope financially during an extremely difficult time. 

Source: ABC 23, "Taft PD: Truck driver at fault in fatal crash near SR 33, Wood Street," Sept. 17, 2013

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