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Redondo Beach residents push for change after fatal crash

We often read about the efforts of law enforcement and safety advocates who want to address dangerous driving in California. There are texting and driving campaigns, urges to buckle up and tickets handed out for speeding. But a recent fatal car accident in Redondo Beach was a grim reminder that there may be much more work to do to keep residents in this area safe on the roads.

The tragic accident occurred on stretch of Aviation Boulevard known by many to be a notorious spot for dpeeding  and reckless drivers. A man was riding as a passenger in one vehicle when it was smashed into by a second vehicle. The man was killed in the accident. Not only could the driver of the second vehicle be to blame for the crash, but witnesses and business owners in the area say that the road is simply too dangerous and that authorities have failed to address their concerns.

According to reports, the road is frequently congested with drivers who are driving too fast and getting too impatient with the number of cars turning onto and from the other roads. This combination of speed and impatience is very dangerous, but many people in the area believe that it can be remedied with some small enhancements on the road.

For example, traffic lights or signs could help organize the flow of traffic and prevent people from having to make risky moves to enter or exit the busy road. Lowering speed limits could mean that drivers would be forced to drive at a speed more appropriate for the surroundings, instead of allowing them to race down a road that is cluttered with traffic. These are just a couple of the suggestions that have been made to the city to prevent horrific accidents like the most recent one from occurring.

Unfortunately, these possible solutions have yet to be adopted in the area and it is not known if they could have prevented the recent crash. However, the accident may prompt officials to finally address the concerns and put any appropriate improvements in place to prevent future victims from being hurt in a catastrophic accident.

Source: The Beach Reporter, "After man dies in Aviation Boulevard crash, businesses push for safety," Carley Dryden, Oct. 17, 2013

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