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Could pedestrian accident have been prevented by crossing guard?

Pedestrians all across Los Angeles know that there is some level of risk associated with sharing the road with motor vehicles. That is why many pedestrians exercise caution at intersections and stay on sidewalks. However, not all motorists take these same precautions. There are many accidents involving a motor vehicle and a pedestrian that happened because of a negligent motorist. Unfortunately, it is generally the pedestrians who suffer the most serious injuries.

A California community was devastated by a recent auto-pedestrian accident, which resulted in injuries for three children and their mother. Their grandmother was tragically killed in the accident as well. The crash has sparked outrage among residents who have argued that the area is unsafe for pedestrians. 

The accident was reportedly caused by an elderly man who mistakenly pressed the gas pedal in his vehicle instead of the brake pedal. As a result, he crashed into the family of five who was crossing the street in a marked crosswalk. But people are saying that more could have been done to prevent the pedestrian accident. Specifically, they say that the area should be controlled by a crossing guard.

The intersection where this accident occurred is very close to a school, which means that there are often dozens of children and their parents walking along the road. In similar areas near a school, crossing guards are assigned to control traffic and keep kids out of danger. But in this case, no such precautions were taken. Had there been a crossing guard on the scene, it is very possible that this accident could have been prevented. School and city officials are currently investigating the matter.

When dangerous road conditions exist for pedestrians, the likelihood of an accident can increase substantially. And when a negligent or unsafe driver is added to the mix, it can make things even worse. While lawsuits and legal claims cannot undo a devastating accident, they can be in effective in holding negligent parties accountable and prompting action to remedy dangerous conditions.

Source: NBC4 News, "Pedestrian's Crash Death Prompts Cries for Crossing Guard Near Elementary School," Sean Fitz-Gerald, Jan. 27, 2013

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