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Victims of motorcycle crashes live with injuries long after crash

Motorcyclists are at a distinct disadvantage in an accident, as the riders are relatively unprotected and their vehicles are so much smaller than the cars or trucks that are also involved in these crashes. When we read news stories about motorcycle accidents in California, we often read that they are catastrophic and fatal. Tragically, riders who are hit and killed by reckless or negligent motorists often do not survive these collisions. 

But it is crucial to remember that many motorcyclists do survive a crash. They suffer severe and life-threatening injuries, but they survive. One rider, for example, was seriously injured when he crashed into a car that had pulled out of a parking lot right in front of him. Thankfully, he survived the accident, but he was badly injured and he is unsure of what lies ahead.

The motorcyclist is paralyzed from the waist down due to a spine fracture, but doctors say that there is a chance he will regain use of his legs with aggressive physical therapy. The rider maintains a positive attitude and says that his career as a musician will continue, as he still has use of both his arms. Hopefully, he will walk again; but for now, he is staying focused on his current condition.

This man's story serves as a reminder of just how devastating motorcycle accidents can be, even if no one is killed. These victims often require intensive therapies, surgeries and medical care long after a crash, which can take a significant toll on a person financially, physically and emotionally.

This is why motorcycle crash victims often choose to file a legal claim against a negligent or reckless driver. Lawsuits are more than just a means of assigning liability for an accident; they can be the most effective way of getting compensation to victims who are looking at years or even a lifetime of medical bills and recovery expenses.

Source: Salisbury Post, "Motorcycle accident doesn't rob musician of his optimism," Shavonne Potts, May 2, 2014

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