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The high cost of high-speed motorcycle accidents

Any motorcyclist involved in an accident is at risk of suffering serious and life-changing injuries. Even at low speeds, collisions with a car can do enormous damage to a person on a bike whose main protection may be limited to the clothes on his or her back.

But as the speeds of vehicles increase, so too does the risk of suffering catastrophic injuries. This is why so many highway motorcycle accidents have fatal consequences for a motorcyclist. If you or a loved one has recently been involved in a motorcycle accident and you are trying to recover from the devastation of a crash or loss of someone close to you, it is important that you remember you have the right to explore your legal options.

Injuries suffered in a high-speed crash are often extensive and can require ongoing and intensive medical care. If a person is seriously burned, paralyzed, disfigured or loses a limb in a crash, it should be expected that he or she will be in the hospital for quite some time and will be coping with their injuries for months, years or a lifetime. In some cases, these injuries prove to be too severe and a person does not survive, despite all medical efforts.

Of course money cannot undo this pain and suffering, and it cannot replace the life of someone who has died in a crash. But it can help people deal with the financial implications of these serious accidents, from medical bills and lost wages to ongoing care needs and funeral expenses. 

We at the Law Offices of Fred D. Crawford, IV understand that seeking financial compensation can be crucial in getting victims of highway motorcycle accidents and their families the monetary support they need to cope with the horrific damage that has been suffered. We also know that trying to do this alone can prove to be frustrating, complicated and overwhelming. 

We can help you explore your options for pursuing redress after a motorcycle accident. In cases when a person has been killed or permanently injured, the damages that may be awarded in a lawsuit could prove to be substantial. For more information on our firm and to learn more about our experience handling claims involving motorcycle accidents, please visit our webpage.

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