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The recall blues: What's really ailing the auto industry?

There are certain things that are just hard to keep on top of, even for the most informed California resident.

Such as the real state of the economy, or precisely how climate change is affecting the earth.

Or -- and we're truly not trying to be facetious here -- whether your automobile was recently targeted for a safety-related recall.

If you're a Southern California resident with a car or passenger truck (which, of course, makes you one of millions so situated), there's actually some likelihood that your vehicle has been recalled or, sadly, will be recalled.

Just consider this stunning statistic: Reportedly, more than 62 million -- yes, million -- vehicles were recalled for safety issues in the United States last year.

And, unfortunately, that firmly evidences an enduring and dismal trend, given that the 2014 figure spells more recalls than for the three prior years combined.

Truly, what gives? From exploding air bags and ruptured fuel lines to ignition-switch defects and sudden acceleration problems, the automobile industry simply seems rife with problems.

As noted by a Forbes columnist writing on the subject, a view held by many posits pure greed within the auto industry as being the primary catalyst promoting manufacturing and design defects that imperil -- and, sadly, often kill -- motorists in California and across the country.

That is, save a few bucks here and there on features and reap the profits.

That's too easy, though, says Geoff Loftus, who maintains instead that what centrally drives (no pun intended) error in the auto industry is a flat-out lack of leadership among industry executives.

It's that simple, says Loftus. Industry principals have "lost sight of the people they serve: their customers."

To Loftus, no explanation or rationale can ever suffice for the existence of even a single defect. Driving is a dangerous activity, and vehicles need to be safe for motorists to be safe.

Any compromise on that imperative, for any reason, is unacceptable and even egregious.

Automakers have "a moral obligation" to get things right, says Loftus --always.

When they do not, it's simply because they fail as leaders.

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