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Relevant info: What is going on with the Takata air bag recall?

Many readers of this personal injury blog throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area and the South Bay might reasonably want to be apprised of material updates to the subject matter cited in the above headline question.

Here's why: The Takata air bag recall involving fatal product deployments, which already applies to 19 million vehicles, might yet be further expanded by federal safety regulators.

We think it unlikely that core news reports surrounding the recall have gone unnoticed by many of our readers, given the tragic scope and consequences of what has been related over the past many months.

And that, in a nutshell, is this: Takata is a leading global supplier of vehicle air bags, and its products are occasionally deploying with sudden and unanticipated violence that can understandably yield horrific results.

In fact, some Takata air bags are sending deadly shrapnel into the faces and bodies of motorists. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that eight drivers across the United States have died from faulty air bag deployments, with nearly 100 other vehicle occupants suffering non-fatal injuries.

If you're a California motorist who owns a Honda vehicle, you might have some heightened interest in such news. Reportedly, all the U.S.-based deaths thus far have related to bag deployments in Honda models.

The NHTSA states that the Takata recall -- obviously, already of mammoth proportions -- might expand yet further.

There is a notable urgency surrounding the recall, given an estimate that only about 27 percent of American car owners with recalled bags have taken their vehicles in to authorized dealers and shops for necessary repairs.

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