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Some realities relevant to high-speed motorcycle crashes

Pretty much anyone in California who knows anything about motorcycles -- whether a rider or not -- readily appreciates the singular and outsized safety risks involved for even a rider who loses control at a very low speed. Even a bike tipping over at, say, five miles per hour can result in its driver (and any passenger, too) ending up in a hospital with significant injuries.

That is just a reality regarding bikes, namely, you don't have to be going fast to get injured if any type of mishap occurs.

And as true as that is, injury risks to riders increase exponentially when they are traveling at a comparatively high speed.

The reality in such a case often turns ugly and is starkly predictable: A rider thrown from a motorcycle while riding on an interstate or other high-speed road system often suffers catastrophic injuries. The adage "speed kills" is hardly misapplied when pegged to such a situation.

And when speed does not kill, it often maims and yields a wide universe of injury possibilities. On our personal injury website at the Law Offices of Fred D. Crawford, IV, in the Los Angeles area, we note the "permanent physical or mental disabilities or impairments" that can result from a high-speed crash, noting a number of possible outcomes.

Sadly, those can include serious head trauma and spinal injuries that leave a victim paralyzed. An all-too-vulnerable motorcyclist involved in a highway accident can additionally suffer from scarring, road burns, stress-related pain and suffering and a host of other maladies.

Those possibilities can make a monetary recovery an imperative for any rider whose injuries were caused by third-party negligence. Although money damages cannot undo an injury, of course, they can provide critically important assistance relating to medical costs, down time at work, future care needs and other matters. And, of course, they can be applied in ways that do, indeed, foster an improved recovery.

Our law firm assists personal injury clients in recovery matters, advocating vigorously and from a deep well of legal experience on their behalf and in a manner that unwaveringly pursues a maximum award and an outcome that fully promotes their best interests.

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