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Coping with grief after a fatal motor vehicle accident

Sudden and traumatic deaths like those that occur in fatal motor vehicle accidents shatter the worlds of everyone close to the victim. The bereaved feel like the loss makes no sense and feelings of grief run deep and savage. While most survivors understand that terrible things sometimes happen to good people, an unexpected death still leaves them feeling especially vulnerable.

It can be difficult to understand the emotions that accompany a wrongful death and many people fail to find effective ways to cope. There is very little an outside party can do to make the bereaved feel better. In fact, sometimes it is up to the bereaved alone to find ways to cope. The Mental Health Association of San Francisco lists several responses to a sudden death such as:

-- Feeling lost, cheated or emotionless

-- Feeling guilty about the death of the loved one

-- Feelings of anger, fear and uncertainty

-- Difficulty concentrating and remembering

Losing a loved one in a fatal motor vehicle accident can compound some of the emotional effects of wrongful death. Many times the bereaved is burdened even more by knowing that the death was completely preventable. As personal injury attorneys serving Los Angeles residents, we want to help those who have suffered losses in a fatal motor vehicle accident. While we are not therapists and do not claim any expertise in this type of counseling, there are ways a lawyer can help.

Speaking with an objective third party with your interests at heart can aid in your coping skills following a wrongful death. Whether you choose to take legal action or not, an attorney can fill this objective role and hopefully assist you in moving forward. Please read our web pages to learn more about your legal options after a fatal motor vehicle accident.

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