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Common injuries caused by California motorcycle accidents

Motorcycles are a popular vehicle type that can be seen on almost every type of road in California. As fun as they are to ride, they are just as dangerous. They become even more dangerous when other drivers do not see motorcycles or motorcycle riders do not how to safely operate their bike.

Riding a motorcycle requires quite a bit of skill and focus to prevent an accident. But, should an accident occur, injuries can range from minor to catastrophic. Here are some of the most common motorcycle injuries in California.

Road rash is a very common motorcycle accident injury in California. Motorcycles do not entirely protect the operator or the rider, which opens them up to more injuries than other vehicles. One of those injuries is road rash. Road rash can occur no matter the type or amount of clothing being worn. Road rash is a skin abrasion that can range from minor to severe. It rips the skin off the body after tearing through the clothing.

Broken bones are another common motorcycle accident injury. Broken bones are all too common and can range from minor to severe. Some broken bones can be reset or fixed with a cast, while others might need to be repaired with surgery. Of broken bones, broken legs are the most common as motorcycles tend to roll or fall onto riders. Broken arms and wrists are also common as riders use their arms to stabilize themselves.

One of the most traumatic motorcycle injuries is that of injuries to the head or brain. Even when the operator or rider wears a helmet, he or she can still suffer an injury to their head. Wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of death by 29 to 35 percent and even more so when it comes to traumatic brain injuries. Even if you are not required to wear a helmet, make sure you do so to keep yourself safe.

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