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Preparing to ride a motorcycle in California

Riding a motorcycle in California is not only fun and exhilarating, but also very dangerous. The volume of traffic can be hindering to motorcycles and can cause some serious accidents. But, when you ride, you should take every safety measure possible to ensure you return home in one piece. Here are some tips for preparing to ride a motorcycle in Los Angeles, California.

It is required by law in California that all operators and passengers on motorcycles wear U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) approved helmets. Not required by law, but highly suggested, are eye protection and face protection. Protective clothing such as a leather jacket, closed-toe boots, full-finger leather gloves and long heavy pants are also suggested materials you should wear. If at all possible, any clothing you wear should be form-fitting and be reflective for nighttime riding.

Windshields on motorcycles are not considered substitutes for eye protection. Any eye protection you wear should be free of scratches, be puncture resistant, provide a clear view to both sides, be fastened securely to your face, do not fog up and allow enough room for either sunglasses or eyeglasses. Never wear tinted eye protection or face shields at night.

Perform a motorcycle check prior to heading out on any trip, no matter the length of travel. This is important to your safety. You might find a problem you can fix before it causes an accident. Check to make sure all of the lights work properly, that there is proper air pressure in the tires, that both turn signals work, that the kickstand does not have any cracks or dents, that the battery is in good condition and check the oil and fluid levels.

Always clean and adjust your mirrors properly prior to riding your motorcycle. They are your lifeline while on the road. Test the horn to ensure it works properly and is loud enough for other motorists to hear while in traffic.

Visit our site today to learn more motorcycle safety tips and all about motorcycle accidents in Los Angeles, California.

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