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What damages can be recovered in auto-pedestrian accidents?

Auto-pedestrian accidents are some of the scariest, most horrific accidents on the roads today. Various factors lead to these accidents including distracted driving, speeding, impaired driving and even inattention of pedestrians. A common question following such an accident is what damages can be recovered in auto-pedestrian accidents?

One of the most common damages recoverable following a pedestrian accident is for pain and suffering. This is very hard to put a number on, especially when the victim is in a coma or spends an incredible amount of time in the hospital and then in a rehabilitation facility.

Past and future medical expenses can also be recovered. Most victims will incur thousands of dollars in medical bills when involved in a pedestrian-motor vehicle accident. These come from ambulance rides, hospital stays, tests, surgeries, rehab, in-home care, medical equipment and more.

Past and future wage loss is another type of damage that can be recovered following a pedestrian-motor vehicle accident. The victim will likely be out of work for a prolonged period. For some, they might not even return to work because their injuries are so serious they lead to brain damage, paralysis or some other injury that prevents them from doing the job they held at the time of the accident.

If the condition of the victim is extreme, punitive damages could also be awarded. Punitive damages are issued by a court in an effort to punish the defendant in a case.

If the victim dies from his or her injuries, the surviving family members can recover damages for full compensation of the economic loss suffered by the death. The family is also legally allowed to recover damages incurred for loss of society care and comfort of the deceased.

Auto-pedestrian accidents can lead to serious injury and even death for more than just the pedestrian. An experienced motor vehicle accidents attorney in Los Angeles, California, can explain your rights if you've been hit by a car.

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