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How pedestrians can spot distracted drivers

Pedestrians are an important part of the roads, even if they are walking on the sidewalk. They need to be just as vigilant when walking in high traffic areas in an effort to help curb the new epidemic of distracted driving. Pedestrians are all too often found wandering around on their mobile phones, which can be a recipe for disaster as they step out into a street. Here's how pedestrians can spot distracted drivers in California.

If you are waiting at an intersection to cross and a vehicle at the light has a slow reaction time to it changing green, he or she might be distracted. You should remain on the sidewalk and as far away from the car as possible so you do not become the victim of an auto-pedestrian accident.

When walking down the sidewalk, keep an eye on the cars operating around you. If you notice any of them getting dangerously close to you and then swerving back into their lane of travel, the driver might be distracted by their mobile phone, the radio or someone in the vehicle with them.

Should you spot a distracted driver it is best to keep a safe distance, but you should also try to safely obtain descriptive details about the vehicle. If you can snap a picture of the license plate, it can be helpful in finding the vehicle later. Get the make, model and street name where the incident occurred and report it to the police. Never try to approach a vehicle stopped at an intersection that might have a distracted driver behind the wheel. You could frighten the driver, which could lead to a tragic accident.

If you or a loved one was injured by a distracted driver in an auto-pedestrian accident, contact our firm today in Los Angeles to discuss your case. We will be able to provide you with a course of action to recover damages.

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