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Motorcycle riding tips for the fall season

The fall season is in full swing in California, which means that schools are in session. Tourists are still flooding the state from all over the country. The roads are congested almost around the clock. All of these are dangers for motorcyclists on the roads of Los Angeles. With the cooler temperatures, you're likely to find more motorcycles on the roads now more than any other time of year.

The biggest threat to motorcycles in the fall season is the deer population. Deer run rampant during the fall because it is their mating season. You need to be extra careful riding at dawn and dusk as these are their two most active times during the day. Be sure to scan the sides of the road as much as possible for deer and other animals when riding.

Leaves, both dry and wet, can wreak havoc on your motorcycle. They can reduce the traction of your wheels, sending your bike into a tailspin or off the road in a matter of seconds. Try to avoid driving over leaves as much as possible. They could also be hiding potholes or other debris that can affect your smooth ride.

Be sure to bring the appropriate clothing with you when riding a motorcycle in the fall season. It can be incredibly cold in the morning but warmer in the afternoon. You might also start your ride in the middle of the day when it's warm and end it near sunset, where temperatures could be quite chilly. Have the right clothing to add to your outfit when riding.

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