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Report: Police SUV did not use siren before deadly crash

In November of 2017, police got a call about an alleged shooting. An officer in a Los Angeles County sheriff's SUV responded to that call.

As it drove toward the scene, the sport utility vehicle neared a busy intersection. It could not get through successfully, instead slamming into a car at the crossing. That impact sent it up onto the sidewalk, where it plowed into pedestrians. Two young boys were fatally injured in the wreck.

Since the accident occurred, a lot of questions have been asked regarding the time leading up to the collision. For instance, people have wondered just what speed the vehicle was traveling at and if the siren and emergency lights had been flipped on.

Some answers are finally coming in, as a new report indicates that the siren was not on at the time of the crash. That news comes from the Multi-Discipline Collision Investigation Team, which is a branch of the Los Angeles Police Department. They did say that the investigation was not yet complete.

That isn't to say no warning was given. A spokesperson did say that the flashing emergency lights were on. He also noted that the SUV was going under 25 miles per hour as it went through the intersection, suggesting this wasn't a case of an out-of-control vehicle speeding through town at highway speeds.

Of course, none of that makes the accident less tragic, and the two boys lost their lives as a result. When loved ones are killed in car accidents, it is critical for family members to fully understand their legal rights.

Source: LA Times, "Sheriff's patrol vehicle involved in fatal crash didn't have its siren on, official says," Ruben Vives, Jan. 07, 2018

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