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How pedestrians can make themselves visible

Going for a walk or a run should not be dangerous. But, due to the nature of today's world, it can be dangerous. It can even be deadly. Even though pedestrians have the right of way, drivers might still run red lights, blow stop signs or even disregard the laws. This can lead to some very tragic accidents. Here are some important tips to help pedestrians make themselves visible at all times.

Even in the daytime, you should wear bright colors when out and about as a pedestrian. You don't have to dress like a clown, but you shouldn't wear all black, navy blue or grey. Wear some yellow, red or green to brighten up your wardrobe and help drivers spot you as far away as possible.

If you must walk or run at night be sure to wear bright clothing and even reflective apparel. You can put on a reflective vest. You could also wear a light on your head that attaches to your hat. Bring a flashlight on your nighttime walk, too.

To really make yourself visible, be sure to use marked crosswalks at all times. Never jaywalk and always follow the rules of the road. Do not dart out into traffic thinking that a driver will come to a stop. Try to make eye contact with the driver of the car approaching you. Only cross when you have a green light at a controlled intersection.

Even though these tips are pretty straightforward, it's imperative that you follow them if you plan to be a pedestrian. Whether you are walking from your car to a store, out for a run or walking to the park; the dangers are lurking for pedestrians all over California.

Source: State Farm, "Pedestrian Safety Tips," accessed April 20, 2018

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