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Nighttime safety tips for pedestrians

Pedestrians are always at risk when they head out for a walk or run in Redondo Beach. Even if they follow the laws, they might still find themselves in a scary situation with a motor vehicle. Not all drivers will do their best to look for pedestrians at intersections. If you must walk or go for a run at night, here are some important safety tips for pedestrians in California.

For starters, if you can avoid walking or running at night, you should. The chances increase greatly of you being hit by a car when out on foot after sunset. If you cannot avoid this, be sure you make yourself as visible as possible. This includes wearing reflective clothing as much as possible.

If you can, carry a flashlight with you. Shine it on the ground so oncoming cars know that someone is walking in the street. Don't shine the flashlight at the car. This can lead to a very tragic accident. Shine it on the ground so the driver notices you without causing a disturbance.

Another important tip for walking or running at night is to stick to well-lit streets. Try to avoid dark streets -- not only for your physical safety from predators -- but also from vehicles that won't be able to see you. When you are out for a walk or run at night, be sure to do so as close to streetlights as possible.

Being a pedestrian is a dangerous thing in California. Too many accidents occur that involve pedestrians and motor vehicles. Follow the tips presented today if you need to walk or run at night.

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