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What should I check prior to every motorcycle ride?

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, you likely know how important safety is each time you head out for a ride. Part of being a safe rider is conducting a pre-ride inspection of your motorcycle. This inspection should be conducted before every single ride, not just the first ride of the season. So, what should you check prior to every motorcycle ride in Redondo Beach?

Check both tires prior to every ride. You will want to look for uneven wear on the tires, nails, screws and other debris that could be lodged in them. If you find anything wrong with the tires, you should not ride until they are either repaired or replaced. The tires keep you connected to the ground. They are vital to your safety.

Turn your motorcycle on and check every single light on the bike. Make sure the headlight, taillight, brake light, turn signals and other lights work properly. If any of the lights appear to be faint, you should replace the bulbs immediately. Never ride when there are lights burnt out on your motorcycle.

The oil levels of your motorcycle should be checked when the engine is warm. Check the housing, gaskets and seals on your bike so you can find any potential leaks and repair them.

The brakes are important parts that keep you from slamming into other vehicles. Check the brakes before you hit the road. Check the front and rear pads to ensure that they are touching the rims and not the tires.

Checking all of the items on this list before every ride on your motorcycle in California can wind up saving your life one day. Make sure the checks are thorough and you aren't just going through the motions.

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