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Common causes of fatal car accidents

The most tragic car accidents result in fatalities. Thousands of lives are lost every year on the roads of California and across the country. Law enforcement agencies do all they can to curb impaired driving, distracted driving and speeding, all of which are the main causes of these crashes. There are more than just these three causes of fatal car crashes, though, and we will take a look at them.

Reckless driving is one of the leading causes of fatal car crashes in California. It not only involves speeding or impaired driving but also tailgating, changes lanes without looking, swerving, impatient maneuvers and much more.

Red lights and stop signs are installed at intersections for a reason: to slow down and regulate traffic. When drivers disobey or ignore these two things, it can lead to devastating consequences.

Driving at night is another common cause of fatal car crashes. It is more difficult to see pedestrians, animals, people on bicycles and motorcycles when the sun goes down, which is what makes this time of day so deadly.

Teen drivers are very dangerous to be around on the roads of Redondo Beach. They are young, immature, inexperienced and have the attitude that nothing will happen to them, which is why so many are involved in fatal crashes.

Wrong-way drivers are another common cause of fatal crashes. Highway entrance ramps are clearly marked as one-way roads. When these signs are ignored, it can lead to a harrowing circumstance.

A fatal car crash can turn your life upside down in an instant. Whether you lost a loved one or a friend, were in the car or simply witnessed the crash, this is a traumatic experience that will remain with you for the rest of your life.

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