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Your diet may help you recover from a head injury

You're riding your motorcycle down a residential street when someone backs out of a driveway without looking, right into your path. You clip the back end of the car and fly off your bike. Though you are wearing a helmet, you hit your head pretty hard on the pavement and wind up with a head injury.

The road to recovery can be very long. If you're interested in speeding the process up as much as you can, consider what you eat. A few diet tips that can help you heal and recover include the following:

  • Pick healthy snacks that give your body the energy and fuel it needs without extra sugar or artificial ingredients. Examples include trail mix, apples, nuts, eggs, cheese and granola bars.
  • Do not overeat. Instead, choose small meals with greater frequency than you're used to. You may want to eat as often as once every three hours.
  • Consider the specific impact of your head injury. For instance, some people with brain injuries do not feel hungry after the accident, even when their bodies need food. If this happens to you, set an alarm on your phone so that you eat often enough.
  • Pick a routine. Just eating whenever you feel like it often makes you eat more than you realize and doesn't give your body the set habits that work best. Find specific times to eat these healthy, protein-rich meals.

As you move through your recovery, it is important to know what legal rights you have to compensation. After all, recovery takes more than diet alone. It may also involve surgery, medical treatment, physical rehabilitation sessions and much more.

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