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When avoiding a crash, motorcyclists need to know where to look

It's often hard to avoid an accident. Things happen so quickly. But it is possible for some motorcyclists, and one of the key things they need to know is where they should look.

In short, you must look where you want the bike to go.

It sounds simple, but it's not. Imagine that you're riding down a two-lane road. Opposing traffic is going by safely, and you're riding close to the center line.

Suddenly, a car starts to drift over that line and into your lane. The driver is texting behind the wheel. Your best option is to swerve as far as you can to the right, hoping you go around the car. You don't want to swerve left, into oncoming traffic, where you could get hit by another car or by the same car if the driver suddenly corrects.

Where do you look? Right at the gap in the road, at that safe outside edge of the lane. Focus on it and steer toward it. The bike is going to follow your body, and you'll drive instinctively.

The problem, though, is that many riders actually keep looking at the car. It's a sudden, unexpected hazard, and they can't look away. This can delay your reaction time, it can mean that your bike does not go far enough to the right to avoid the crash or it can mean you run into an unseen obstruction ahead of you.

When you cannot avoid the accident and you end up in the hospital, make sure you know how to seek financial compensation for all of those medical bills.

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