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Complete and incomplete spinal cord injuries

A spinal cord injury can be devastating, changing your life forever. If you ride a motorcycle, you must know that you face serious risks. Since you have less protection than someone in a car, the odds of a serious injury are higher. One simple mistake by another driver could leave you with a spinal cord injury that never heals.

One key thing to know about these injuries is that they can be either incomplete or complete. Both can be detrimental to your future. Both can necessitate long-term medical care and the need for assistance. Both can be very expensive. But there are important differences.

If you have a complete injury, that means that you cannot feel anything at all below the point on your spine where you suffered the injury. It could be from the waist down or the neck down. It all depends on how you got hurt in the crash. Your motor skills will be lost from that point down and you won't be able to move at all.

If you have an incomplete injury, you still suffer from a serious disability and loss of function. However, you may be able to move a little bit or feel things to some degree. Every injury is different. For instance, while you may never walk again, you may be able to move your legs while lying down. A person with a complete injury also may never walk again, but they cannot even move to shift their position.

Living with a spinal cord injury is difficult and expensive, no matter which type it is. Make sure you know how to seek financial compensation.

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