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10-year-high for fatal red light accidents

One of the most dangerous situations at an intersection is when someone runs a red light. The drivers on the cross street often have no idea they are at risk as they enter the intersection, and many of these crashes happen at high speeds as people try to beat the yellow light and fail to do so.

How dangerous is this? More than ever. A recent study found that we hit a 10-year-high when looking at the fatalities coming from this illegal practice of red-light running.

Statistically, researchers had to use the numbers for 2017, as that is the last year with complete available data. What they found was that red light accidents took 939 lives. In 2009, only 715 people died in these same accidents. That means that the total went up by a staggering 31% in just under a decade. 2017 was also the fifth year in a row that the total went up. Experts pointed out that more than two people pass away every single day in these accidents, on average.

The crashes do happen for numerous reasons. Some involve drunk drivers. Others involve people who get distracted by their phones. Still others involve drivers who never see the red light for an unrelated reason or those who, as noted above, intentionally speed up to beat a yellow light and end up running the red.

Have you gotten injured in one of these accidents or has a loved one passed away? If so, it is very important that you understand all of the legal rights and options that you have.

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