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Tips for getting behind the wheel after an accident

Being involved in a car accident is traumatic no matter how severe it was. Victims of car accidents can suffer more than just physical injuries. Emotional trauma is also common when a car accident happens. You might find that it is difficult to get back behind the wheel of your car following an accident. Here are some tips for getting back to driving after being involved in a crash.

Following an accident you should seek medical treatment, even if you believe that the injuries you suffered were only minor. Once you've completed medical treatment you should visit with a therapist if you are struggling to drive again. Talking about the accident is an excellent way to deal with your emotions and prepare yourself for driving.

Motorcycle riding tips for the fall season

The fall season is in full swing in California, which means that schools are in session. Tourists are still flooding the state from all over the country. The roads are congested almost around the clock. All of these are dangers for motorcyclists on the roads of Los Angeles. With the cooler temperatures, you're likely to find more motorcycles on the roads now more than any other time of year.

The biggest threat to motorcycles in the fall season is the deer population. Deer run rampant during the fall because it is their mating season. You need to be extra careful riding at dawn and dusk as these are their two most active times during the day. Be sure to scan the sides of the road as much as possible for deer and other animals when riding.

Vehicle strikes four pedestrians in Los Alamitos accident

A vehicle struck and injured four pedestrians prior to crashing close to a bank in a Los Alamitos accident earlier in the month. The accident occurred not long after 2 pm and authorities believe that alcohol and drugs were not a factor in the crash. The driver of the vehicle, a 37-year-old woman, was also injured.

In a news release from the police, the vehicle involved in the accident began to travel northbound in the southbound lanes of Bloomfield Street. After passing through an intersection going in the wrong direction, the vehicle struck the four pedestrians. All four pedestrians were struck while standing at the same corner. They all suffered serious injuries but are expected to survive.

What are the costs of fatal car accidents?

Car accidents are stressful and overwhelming enough. They become even more unbearable when fatalities occur. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 30,000 people die in car accidents annually across the country.

In just one year, the total cost of fatal car accidents in the state of California reached $4.48 billion. Of that total, $38 million came from medical costs associated with the accidents and $4.44 billion came from work loss costs. More than 3,400 people lost their lives in California in 2013 due to fatal car accidents.

How to avoid the most common motorcycle accidents

Riding a motorcycle in California can be very dangerous, even for the most experienced of riders. There are ways to increase your safety and lessen the chances of being involved in the most common motorcycle accidents. We will discuss those methods in today's post so you can properly prepare for your next ride.

Quite possibly the most common type of motorcycle accident is when a vehicle turns left in front of your bike. This seems like it shouldn't be a common accident since the driver should be able to see you. But, it happens often because drivers tend to underestimate your distance from the intersection or they don't even see you. You can prevent this by slowing up at intersections and making eye contact with oncoming drivers.

2 pedestrians suffer serious injuries in car crash

Two pedestrians suffered serious injuries when they were involved in a car crash earlier this month in West Hills, according to a report from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). The accident occurred at a slow rate of speed. Despite the slow speed, one of the pedestrian victims was pinned under the vehicle.

An LAPD sergeant said that the accident happened around 7:35 in the morning at the intersection of Stagg Street and Faust Avenue. Police said that the driver of the vehicle was a woman in her 60s. Investigators said she tried to attempt a legal left turn, but the sun was in her eyes.

Fatal car accidents and the psychological effects

Fatal car accidents happen all too often in the Los Angeles area. California is a crowded state, with world-famous congestion on the roads. Whether you use highways or side roads, a fatal accident can occur at anytime. If you have been involved in a fatal accident, these are some of the psychological effects you might suffer in California.

The aftermath of a tragic motor vehicle accident can create issues with you performing everyday tasks. Fear can begin to set in following such an accident, causing you to refrain from driving to perform tasks such as errands, going to the doctor, meeting friends, picking the kids up from school and much more.

Getting back on your motorcycle after a crash

You were nervous when you first started riding a motorcycle, but it faded over time. You grew confident. You gained experience.

Then you were in an accident, and all of that confidence was instantly gone. The crash wasn't your fault, and that's what makes it so hard. Anyone can cause an accident in seconds. How safe are you? What should you do to get back on the bike and enjoy riding again?

Motorcycle safety tips for the inexperienced rider

It's understandable that riding a motorcycle is beyond exhilarating. But, if you are an inexperienced rider, you need to take extra safety precautions to ensure that you do not find yourself involved in an accident or injured because of an accident. Here are some safety tips for inexperienced motorcycle riders in California.

Never ride your motorcycle without the proper safety gear. This includes a helmet, reflective vest, boots, long clothing, sunglasses and gloves. All of these items protect you from road rash should you be involved in an accident that throws you from the motorcycle onto the road. All of your clothing should be tight so that it does not get caught in the bike.

How to protect children pedestrians in California

Being a pedestrian in the state of California can be incredibly dangerous. Even if you take every safety precaution possible, you could still be hit by a car or truck in Los Angeles. Children who are pedestrians are at even greater risk of being hit by a car or truck due to their age and small stature. Here are some tips for protecting children as pedestrians.

It's never too early to start teaching your child about pedestrian safety. As long as your child can understand directions and instructions, you can begin teaching pedestrian safety. The first lesson should be that they should always look left, look right and look left once more before stepping out into the street. The child should continuing looking both ways as he or she crosses the street.

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