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Lawsuit filed against Porsche after fatal crash

Losing a loved one in a fatal motor vehicle accident is undoubtedly devastating for family members and loved ones. People often want to know why a crash happened and what could have been done to prevent the accident. Sometimes these answers come from police and accident investigation efforts, but there are other times when there is more to the story. Working with an attorney to pursue a wrongful death claim can help a victim's family uncover all the pertinent information and pursue damages from the party responsible for an accident.

Victims of motorcycle crashes live with injuries long after crash

Motorcyclists are at a distinct disadvantage in an accident, as the riders are relatively unprotected and their vehicles are so much smaller than the cars or trucks that are also involved in these crashes. When we read news stories about motorcycle accidents in California, we often read that they are catastrophic and fatal. Tragically, riders who are hit and killed by reckless or negligent motorists often do not survive these collisions. 

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