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Guidelines for lane-splitting in California

Whether you agree or not, you should know that is not against the law for motorcyclists to engage in lane-splitting in the state of California. If you do not already know, lane-splitting entails a motorcyclist weaving in between other vehicles or lanes to advance on the roadway. This topic is shrouded in controversy with many people believing the practice contributes to motorcycle accidents and others believing that lane-splitting is completely safe. Regardless of which side you may take, it looks like lane-splitting is here to stay for the time being.

Coping with grief after a fatal motor vehicle accident

Sudden and traumatic deaths like those that occur in fatal motor vehicle accidents shatter the worlds of everyone close to the victim. The bereaved feel like the loss makes no sense and feelings of grief run deep and savage. While most survivors understand that terrible things sometimes happen to good people, an unexpected death still leaves them feeling especially vulnerable.

San Diego city audit says not enough done to protect pedestrians

Recently, a 116-page report was issued regarding the number of fatal accidents involving pedestrians in San Diego. The auditors found that transportation and police officials aren't doing enough to keep pedestrians safe and the rising number of fatalities is directly related to a lack of attention to data and detail.

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