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Vehicle strikes four pedestrians in Los Alamitos accident

A vehicle struck and injured four pedestrians prior to crashing close to a bank in a Los Alamitos accident earlier in the month. The accident occurred not long after 2 pm and authorities believe that alcohol and drugs were not a factor in the crash. The driver of the vehicle, a 37-year-old woman, was also injured.

2 pedestrians suffer serious injuries in car crash

Two pedestrians suffered serious injuries when they were involved in a car crash earlier this month in West Hills, according to a report from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). The accident occurred at a slow rate of speed. Despite the slow speed, one of the pedestrian victims was pinned under the vehicle.

How to protect children pedestrians in California

Being a pedestrian in the state of California can be incredibly dangerous. Even if you take every safety precaution possible, you could still be hit by a car or truck in Los Angeles. Children who are pedestrians are at even greater risk of being hit by a car or truck due to their age and small stature. Here are some tips for protecting children as pedestrians.

How pedestrians can spot distracted drivers

Pedestrians are an important part of the roads, even if they are walking on the sidewalk. They need to be just as vigilant when walking in high traffic areas in an effort to help curb the new epidemic of distracted driving. Pedestrians are all too often found wandering around on their mobile phones, which can be a recipe for disaster as they step out into a street. Here's how pedestrians can spot distracted drivers in California.

What damages can be recovered in auto-pedestrian accidents?

Auto-pedestrian accidents are some of the scariest, most horrific accidents on the roads today. Various factors lead to these accidents including distracted driving, speeding, impaired driving and even inattention of pedestrians. A common question following such an accident is what damages can be recovered in auto-pedestrian accidents?

What are some safety tips for pedestrians and cars?

As the weather continues to improve with spring right around the corner, more and more people will be out and about. Whether they are out for a leisurely stroll, out for a run or walking their dog; pedestrians need to be mindful of their surroundings. The same can be said for vehicle operators when it comes to spotting pedestrians. Here are some safety tips for pedestrians and motor vehicles in Los Angeles, California.

Study shows child pedestrian accidents near parks are on the rise

According to a recent study published in Injury Prevention, fatalities among child pedestrians are twice as likely to happen near a park than they are close to a school. As a result, initiatives, such as the Safe Routes to School program, have been created to spread the word about pedestrian safety to kids.

Mediation may be the right option for your accident claim

Suffering injuries in an auto-pedestrian accident or other motor vehicle accident can take you away from your life for a long time. The time it takes to heal your physical wounds and recover from emotional harm you may have suffered can be lengthy. If you intend to seek justice through a personal injury claim, this can lengthen the time it takes to get back to the simple business of living your life.  

What can I do after a hit-and-run pedestrian accident?

Auto-pedestrian accidents involving a hit-and-run can be admittedly tricky. Sometimes, the driver that caused the accident cannot be found, leaving injured pedestrians at a loss for seeking the compensation they need. Without financial recovery, they are often unable to pay for medical treatment and other expenses related to their injuries.

San Diego city audit says not enough done to protect pedestrians

Recently, a 116-page report was issued regarding the number of fatal accidents involving pedestrians in San Diego. The auditors found that transportation and police officials aren't doing enough to keep pedestrians safe and the rising number of fatalities is directly related to a lack of attention to data and detail.

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