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Motorcycle Accidents Archives

The stats show that motorcycle helmets do work

People have many different reasons for choosing to ride a motorcycle without a helmet. Some of them think that the helmets do not make that much of a difference, so they choose not to wear them. Others do not like the weight or complain about how they feel the helmets restrict their vision.

The main rules for a 4-way stop

Issues at a four-way stop can be catastrophic for a motorcyclist. If another driver makes a mistake and proceeds through the intersection at the wrong time, they can cause a devastating accident. Motorcyclists properly riding through the intersection may literally never realize what hit them, as they couldn't anticipate the crash and had the right of way.

Do motorcycle helmets make it harder to see and hear?

It's fairly clear that motorcycle helmets can protect you during a crash. However, many riders point out that they need to be able to see and hear perfectly to avoid getting into an accident in the first place. Any restriction on their senses could make an accident more likely. As such, they don't always want to wear helmets, which they believe make it harder to hear traffic around them and to see what's happening on the road, especially in their peripheral vision.

Symptoms of a severe brain injury

Take all brain injuries seriously. Let's start there because the following will address the symptoms of a severe TBI, as opposed to a more mild TBI. But that is not to say that you should ignore mild symptoms and not get medical help. All brain injuries can have lasting ramifications and this is never something you want to take lightly.

Motorcycle officer airlifted after crash in California

A motorcycle officer with the California Highway Patrol got into an accident that left his bike smashed and lying on the interstate. His injuries were so bad that, even though an ambulance showed up at the crash site, the emergency crews had to call in a helicopter. They landed it right on the highway and airlifted the officer from the scene.

Motorcyclist killed after colliding with turning SUV

Turning vehicles are one of the biggest hazards that motorcyclists face on California's roads. Any time that two vehicles share the same lane -- at intersections, for instance, or when one vehicle is simply turning left across the other lane -- there's a serious risk of a crash. That's more serious for a motorcycle rider with his or her limited protection.

Complete and incomplete spinal cord injuries

A spinal cord injury can be devastating, changing your life forever. If you ride a motorcycle, you must know that you face serious risks. Since you have less protection than someone in a car, the odds of a serious injury are higher. One simple mistake by another driver could leave you with a spinal cord injury that never heals.

The importance of looking for liability in motorcycle accidents

Riding a motorcycle through the beautiful state of California should be no riskier than driving a car. Unfortunately, motorcycle enthusiasts can tell you that it certainly feels riskier to ride a bike. Motorcycle accidents happen every day across the nation, resulting in a multitude of injuries from mild to catastrophic. Sometimes, the fault may lie with the bike operator, but when the blame lies elsewhere, what can victims do to recover compensation?


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