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California motorcyclist killed in hit-and-run crash

The injuries that victims suffer in any type of motor vehicle accident can be quite serious. Broken bones, spinal cord injuries and brain trauma can be very real consequences of getting hit by a car. With prompt medical attention, it is possible for victims to recover from an accident by limiting the damage suffered. However, not all victims get this type of care immediately after a crash because the only person who can help them and call for help has fled the scene of an accident.

California motorcyclist killed by driver pulling out of driveway

A collision between two motor vehicles can result in varying degrees of damage and injuries, depending on a driver's speed and the size and safety features of a vehicle. In general, larger cars can do more damage but may protect the driver and passengers inside more effectively. But there are some vehicles that are always at a distinct disadvantage in any type of accident.

Trucker to be charged after fatal motorcycle crash in California

The size difference between a motorcycle and just about every other vehicle on the road is fairly dramatic. Cars, pickup trucks, vans and semi trucks are all much larger than a motorcycle and this means that in a collision, a motorcyclist will often be the person to suffer the most severe injuries. 

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