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Posts tagged "car accidents"

Employer negligence likely in fatal bus-tow truck crash

It is very likely that the tow truck company responsible for the driver and the vehicle that crashed into a Metro Los Angeles bus this week will be held civilly liable for the wrongful death of the bus driver. The fatal crash occurred when the unlicensed tow truck driver was speeding and ran a red light, slamming into the bus and causing the bus driver to suffer serious and ultimately fatal injuries.

Can technology help make teens safer drivers?

Many Los Angeles readers (and drivers) can speak from personal experience as to the dangers of texting while driving. This type of distracted driving is associated with thousands of accidents in year and can be deadly in some cases. When it comes to teen drivers, using a cellphone behind the wheel is both common and extremely dangerous, leading many to believe that all technology should be banned from the front seat.

Model suffers from whiplash, neck injury in California car crash

Supermodel Miranda Kerr was injured recently when another car crashed into the one she was riding in on a California road. Photographers saw the model wearing a neck brace out in Los Angeles and her spokesperson confirmed that Ms. Kerr did suffer from whiplash and a neck injury as a result of the car crash.


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