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Client Testimonials

Mr. Crawford came into our lives as a blessing from GOD! My family and I met Fred Crawford in late Aug 2003 right after my son Sergio, eight years old at time, and I were in a very serious auto accident involving a forklift striking our car and injuring my son in the head (sitting in passenger seat). Realizing my son was bleeding from his head, I applied first aid holding his head and also holding in his brain until paramedics arrived. My son was immediately rushed to General Hospital in Los Angeles where he stayed for most of his three months of hospitalization. We almost lost our son. But GOD stepped in for my family during this time and brought Fred into our lives. We set up a date to meet. This was a very emotional and scary time for my family and me. As parents, when it comes to our children, it is very hard to believe that anyone outside of our family can truly understand and have real compassion during a crisis such as ours. During our meeting with Fred Crawford, as emotional as I was, I expressed to him that what we wanted and needed was someone who could respect and understand our feelings and any concerns we had. We did not want a lawyer who was out to make fast money. My son was in critical condition in the I.C.U. My son needed for us, as his parents, to make sure we hired the right person to fight for him.

I remember asking Mr. Crawford if he had any children. He said that he did, and Fred shared how much his child meant to him and his wife. And on that day Fred Crawford gave us his word as a father, parent, lawyer and as a human being that he would work our case as if it was his own family going through this crisis. From that day on, Mr. Crawford made good on his word. Never letting my son or us down. He treated my son’s case with the compassion, understanding and determination that we, as parents, could only pray that God would bring into our lives, especially during such an emotional time my family was going through. Always answering any questions we had, and always reassuring us that he was doing everything and anything for our case. We ended up winning our case! So our time with Fred was coming to an end. But as far as my family and I were concerned, there was no way we could just say goodbye after everything Fred did for my son and my family as our lawyer! We have kept in touch through the years, and in June of 2012 my son Sergio graduated from High School. And yes, we invited “Uncle Fred” to Sergio’s graduation. It was an amazing night! And years later it was a beautiful and very special moment for all of us, including Fred.

There is no imaginable way to show our gratitude or how thankful we are to Fred for everything he did for my son Sergio and our family. THANK YOU FRED FOR EVERYTHING YOU DID FOR SERGIO AND OUR FAMILY! THANK YOU GOD FOR BRINGING SOMEONE GENUINE LIKE MR. FRED CRAWFORD INTO OUR LIVES….WE CAN NEVER FORGET YOU! MAY GOD BLESS YOU & YOUR FAMILY.
– Valerie S, mother of Sergio C., Jr.

Fred has produced winning results on several matters for American Lamprecht Transport, Inc. His hourly rate is fair, and I appreciate that he is direct and to the point – without trying to increase the billable hours! I am usually very vocal of my hatred for lawyers – but I would even let Fred watch my kids. – John Bruckner – Branch Manager – American Lamprecht Transport, Inc.

I am very pleased and extremely satisfied with the services provided to me and my family by Fred Crawford. He is not only experienced in law but he provided my family with a sense of deep compassion and peace of mind. He went to the extreme to ensure that my daughter was provided with the utmost care to attend her needs after her injury. I would highly recommend him to anyone. – Irene A.

My experience with Mr. Crawford was excellent, very little back and forth and always to the point. I received the best outcome for my personal injury case. I am very happy with the end result! I highly recommend his services. – – Laney O.

Fred Crawford has been our attorney for about 5 years and I highly recommend him and his services. He has assisted with business matters as well as family power of attorney related matters. He is very responsive, and has a very calming nature that leaves you feeling confident in his abilities. – – Jamie D.

Fred Crawford demonstrated the utmost professionalism in the wrongful death suit of my son. Over the four year duration of the case, Mr. Crawford was constantly in touch with the other plaintiffs’ attorneys, timely and accurate with subpoenas and court documents, responsive to my concerns, and someone I could trust to represent my best interest in this tragic case. I highly recommend Mr. Crawford, and would not hesitate to contact him should I need legal counsel in the future. – -Sam E.

Fred Crawford has helped me with a few different personal injury claims I have had over the last several years for myself and my minor daughter. He’s very friendly and personable face to face but a shark in a court room. Exactly who you want fighting for you! He has also helped me with a few legal matters in regards to my small business. – – Charity K.

Fred has helped my company for the last 15 years. From incorporation to managing our Corporate book, he has always been there for us.
Thanks Fred! – – Guy P.

Professional, Gets Results, Personable A++++ Thank you Atty. Crawford! – – Rommel G.

Always provides outstanding legal service and advice. Thanks for all your help over the years. – – John M.

Fred Crawford is professional, intelligent, a great communicator and straightforward.
At last a lawyer you can trust.
I have immense respect for him and would highly recommend him to anyone who needs
a great lawyer. – Camelia