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Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

If this is your first or your tenth time consulting an attorney, you probably have questions. At the Law Offices of Fred D. Crawford, IV, we will provide you with personalized attention, and we are dedicated to answering all of your questions in ways that you fully understand the implications of your claim.

In addition to personal injury cases, we also handle California matters involving:

Common Questions

Q: Is it important to hire an experienced California trial attorney?
A: Yes. Even though most cases settle before going to trial, it is important to have an experienced trial attorney on your side because your case may end up in court before a judge or a jury. A successful trial attorney can often generate better results as the other side will know that your attorney is ready to fight for you.

Q: What cities and counties in California do you handle cases in?
A: While our office is in Redondo Beach, near Los Angeles California, we take cases in Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Torrance, El Segundo, Palos Verdes Estates, Rancho Palos Verdes, Rolling Hills, Lomita, Hawthorne, San Pedro, Long Beach, Gardena, Carson, Inglewood, El Segundo, Santa Monica and throughout California.

Answers To Questions Regarding Your Personal Injury Case

Q: What is my case worth?
A: The value of your personal injury claim depends upon the amount of your damages or losses. In a personal injury or car accident case, the value depends upon the nature and severity of your injuries. In a business or real estate matter, the value of your case depends upon your quantifiable losses, which are supported by witness testimony or documentary evidence.

Q: How much will it cost me?
A: In a personal injury, vehicle accident, truck or motorcycle accident, wrongful death and employment harassment/discrimination case, you will NOT be charged a legal fee unless we recover money. This is known as a contingency fee arrangement. In the business and real estate litigation cases, and corporate/LLC matters, you will be charged on an hourly basis. The total cost will be determined based on the work involved. Call our office for a free consultation about your case.

Q: How long will my case last?
A: Some cases last a few months; others take longer. It depends upon the specific facts of your case, the legal issues involved and the realistic expectations of the parties.

Q: Will I have to testify in court?
A: Most personal injury, wrongful death, vehicle accident, truck accident, employment harassment/discrimination, business and real estate cases settle before going to trial. However, prior to trial, you may have to give deposition testimony or a sworn statement to support the claims you are making.

Q: When should I contact you?
A: Right away. You do not want to be taken advantage of by the other side prior to getting legal advice for your case or lose your rights because you waited too long. It is important to start working on your case immediately to protect all of your claims, gather evidence, commence any necessary medical treatment and advise you on important legal issues.

Q: In auto accident cases, can I still win if the other side does not have insurance?
A: If you have uninsured motorist coverage, you can still recover your monetary damages, payment of lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering even if the other driver is uninsured.

For more information, please contact us by calling 310-421-4732 or by sending us an email. Your initial consultation is completely free.