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How pedestrians can make themselves visible

Going for a walk or a run should not be dangerous. But, due to the nature of today's world, it can be dangerous. It can even be deadly. Even though pedestrians have the right of way, drivers might still run red lights, blow stop signs or even disregard the laws. This can lead to some very tragic accidents. Here are some important tips to help pedestrians make themselves visible at all times.

Even in the daytime, you should wear bright colors when out and about as a pedestrian. You don't have to dress like a clown, but you shouldn't wear all black, navy blue or grey. Wear some yellow, red or green to brighten up your wardrobe and help drivers spot you as far away as possible.

How to prepare your motorcycle for the first spring ride

Spring has sprung in California, which means bathing suits, beaches, bicycles and motorcycle rides. The better the weather gets, the more motorcycles you will see on the roads of Redondo Beach. If you have a motorcycle sitting in your garage, you will want to follow the tips outlined here for preparing the bike for the first spring ride.

The first thing you should do is clean your motorcycle. Giving the bike a thorough wash will help ensure that everyone will see it and see the lights. You should never ride with dust on your motorcycle because the dust will lower the power of the lights.

Key factors that influence pedestrian accident stats

Pedestrian accidents are among the most dangerous types of collisions that can take place, as shown by the fact that 11 percent of traffic is by foot, but 13 percent of deadly accidents involve pedestrians. This disproportionate fatality rate is concerning, showing how pedestrians lack any protection and can get killed by simple mistakes, even at low speeds, that would not have killed a passenger in another vehicle.

To better understand these accidents, take a look at a few key factors that play into the equation:

  • Age. A full 34 percent of pedestrian injuries and 27 percent of pedestrian deaths involve those who are 65 years old and older or those who are 15 years old and under.
  • Weather. Most pedestrian accidents (90 percent) happen on clear, sunny days. The reasoning is likely very simple: More people venture outside on these days.
  • Location. While accidents do happen in rural areas, a full 66 percent happen on city streets.
  • Other traffic. Improper lane use is a big issue in some areas. For instance, a cyclist may ride on the sidewalk to stay safe from traffic, but this can force pedestrians to step into the street to avoid the bike.
  • Turns. One of the most dangerous situations for a pedestrian is crossing the street while a car is turning. Pedestrians tend to simply look where they are going, at the other sidewalk or the people ahead of them. Drivers tend to look at other cars to avoid a crash. Neither party may see each other as the car turns.

What are the aspects of a wrongful death lawsuit?

No one should experience the unexpected loss of a loved one due to wrongful death. These deaths occur daily throughout California and across the country. Wrongful death refers to the negligence of another that leads to the death of someone. The surviving relatives of a wrongful death victim can file a lawsuit for damages. So, what are the aspects of a wrongful death lawsuit?

First, let's discuss who is allowed to sue for wrongful death. The surviving spouse of a wrongful death victim is the most common plaintiff in such a case. Other plaintiffs can include the children of the victim and the parents of a deceased fetus, baby or child. In some instances the parents of an adult child can sue for wrongful death, as can the siblings of the victim. It all depends on the circumstances.

Common motorcycle accident questions answered

Do you own a motorcycle? Do you love venturing out on the open road? If so, it's best you know the answers to some of the most common motorcycle accident questions out there. These answers might come in handy one day if you are ever involved in a motorcycle accident in California.

Be sure to do your research prior to buying a motorcycle for the first time and before going out on the road.

Report: Police SUV did not use siren before deadly crash

In November of 2017, police got a call about an alleged shooting. An officer in a Los Angeles County sheriff's SUV responded to that call.

As it drove toward the scene, the sport utility vehicle neared a busy intersection. It could not get through successfully, instead slamming into a car at the crossing. That impact sent it up onto the sidewalk, where it plowed into pedestrians. Two young boys were fatally injured in the wreck.

Understanding who can file a wrongful death lawsuit

Losing a loved one in a fatal car accident can be overwhelming. You might not know what to do next. This could very well be the first time you've ever lost someone in your life. Handling all the details following the fatal motor vehicle accident can be difficult to do. Add in the fact that you might want to file a wrongful death lawsuit. We will explain who can file such a lawsuit this post.

For starters, any person who is in the immediate family of the deceased is legally allowed to file a wrongful death lawsuit. This doesn't change based on how the death occurred. These people include the victim's parents, children, spouse, siblings, parents of unmarried children, adopted children, grandparents and sometimes cousins.

4 injured in motorcycle crash in Two Rock

An accident involving a motorcycle and a truck sent four people to the hospital earlier in December in Two Rock, not far from Petaluma, according to police. The accident occurred on Saturday, Dec. 16, in the evening hours. Police said that it was caused by the driver of a pickup truck, which turned in front of a motorcycle, injuring multiple people.

The person riding the motorcycle suffered what police said were major injuries. The accident occurred at 6:48 p.m. The victim was transported to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital. A hospital spokesperson said that the victim was a 46-year-old male and his condition was not updated after the crash.

What is a pedestrian's duty of care?

Auto-pedestrian accidents are some of the most tragic accidents you will witness in Los Angeles. With such a heavy volume of automobile and foot traffic, pedestrian accidents happen all too often. There are various reasons that these accidents occur and more often than not the driver is at fault in such an accident. But, pedestrians also have a duty of care to follow.

It is up to pedestrians to exercise a decent amount of care when it comes to their own safety. If the pedestrian is reckless when walking or running near vehicles, it will be difficult to move a claim forward if involved in an accident. The required amount of care should be equal to the danger, so that pedestrians can reasonably anticipate consequences.

Tips for getting behind the wheel after an accident

Being involved in a car accident is traumatic no matter how severe it was. Victims of car accidents can suffer more than just physical injuries. Emotional trauma is also common when a car accident happens. You might find that it is difficult to get back behind the wheel of your car following an accident. Here are some tips for getting back to driving after being involved in a crash.

Following an accident you should seek medical treatment, even if you believe that the injuries you suffered were only minor. Once you've completed medical treatment you should visit with a therapist if you are struggling to drive again. Talking about the accident is an excellent way to deal with your emotions and prepare yourself for driving.


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