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5 tips pedestrians should use near the road

The unfortunate reality is that pedestrians and cars do not mix well, despite the fact that we all try to use the same roads to navigate Redondo Beach. In California, accidents happen every year. Some are fatal. Some lead to serious injuries. Pedestrians are especially vulnerable, and any accidents can have devastating ramifications.

So, what can you do to stay safe? Here are a few useful tips:

  • Do not drink: In around 34 percent of deadly pedestrian crashes, those pedestrians had been drinking alcohol. Stay sober and stay safe.
  • Wear clothes that make it easy for drivers to see you: Do not go for a walk in a dark sweatshirt at night. Pick bright colors, such as lime yellow or orange. Consider buying a jacket with reflective stripes if you need to go out after dark.
  • Look at drivers if you ever need to walk in front of a car: Do not go in front of the vehicle until they make eye contact with you so that you can be sure they know you're there.
  • Leave the distractions at home: Do not walk near traffic while talking on the phone, sending text messages, listening to music or doing anything else that pulls your mind and eyes away from the road.
  • Use crosswalks whenever you can: Follow the basic rules of the road. If you're out at night, look for crosswalks that are well-lit, even if it means walking a little farther to get to an intersection.

Your diet may help you recover from a head injury

You're riding your motorcycle down a residential street when someone backs out of a driveway without looking, right into your path. You clip the back end of the car and fly off your bike. Though you are wearing a helmet, you hit your head pretty hard on the pavement and wind up with a head injury.

The road to recovery can be very long. If you're interested in speeding the process up as much as you can, consider what you eat. A few diet tips that can help you heal and recover include the following:

  • Pick healthy snacks that give your body the energy and fuel it needs without extra sugar or artificial ingredients. Examples include trail mix, apples, nuts, eggs, cheese and granola bars.
  • Do not overeat. Instead, choose small meals with greater frequency than you're used to. You may want to eat as often as once every three hours.
  • Consider the specific impact of your head injury. For instance, some people with brain injuries do not feel hungry after the accident, even when their bodies need food. If this happens to you, set an alarm on your phone so that you eat often enough.
  • Pick a routine. Just eating whenever you feel like it often makes you eat more than you realize and doesn't give your body the set habits that work best. Find specific times to eat these healthy, protein-rich meals.

How should you handle a hit-and-run?

A car runs a red light in front of you, and your motorcycle strikes the rear corner of the car. Both of you come to a halt with a screech of tires and metal on pavement. Then, before you can pick yourself up, the other driver guns it and disappears around the corner.

Now what? How do you handle something like this?

Driver flees, leaving woman to die in crashed Mercedes

A man and a passenger fled the scene of a car accident, leaving a second passenger trapped in the crashed car. She passed away from her injuries.

The accident happened on Route 94, as the 1999 Mercedes headed east. The 27-year-old man who was driving apparently lost control of the car. It left the freeway, drove through the dirt shoulder, and slammed into a guardrail. That impact cause it to go airborne, and it flipped and rolled through the median.

Common causes of fatal car accidents

The most tragic car accidents result in fatalities. Thousands of lives are lost every year on the roads of California and across the country. Law enforcement agencies do all they can to curb impaired driving, distracted driving and speeding, all of which are the main causes of these crashes. There are more than just these three causes of fatal car crashes, though, and we will take a look at them.

Reckless driving is one of the leading causes of fatal car crashes in California. It not only involves speeding or impaired driving but also tailgating, changes lanes without looking, swerving, impatient maneuvers and much more.

What activities should I avoid as a pedestrian?

Pedestrians are everywhere. They are in large cities, small towns and everywhere in between. Pedestrians are part of the traffic flow since they cross at marked intersections. Some might cross illegally, which is known as jaywalking. If you are a pedestrian it's important for you to know what activities you should avoid so you are not involved in an accident.

Pedestrians should never walk while using a mobile phone or a tablet. The worst thing you can do is focus on a digital screen and not what is happening around you. Not only could you wind up walking out into the street in front of a passing car, you could also set yourself up for an assault by not paying attention.

How to deal with an unexpected storm while on your motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle is one of the most exciting activities in life. You can plan all you want prior to a ride in Redondo Beach, but there are times when Mother Nature simply won't cooperate. Although rain is much too rare here, it can come out of nowhere and ruin your ride. Here's how to deal with an unexpected storm while on your motorcycle.

You only have two options when on your bike in the middle of a storm: Ride through it or wait out the storm. If you choose to ride through the storm, you need to be even more careful than you are when the conditions are dry and favorable for a ride.

How to make intersections safer for pedestrians

Intersections are dangerous no matter the size of the city or town where they are located. It also doesn't matter when it comes to the volume of vehicles, bicycles or pedestrians that use the intersection. So long as there is one vehicle and one pedestrian present in an intersection, it will be dangerous. Here's how cities can make intersections safer for pedestrians.

One of the smartest ways to increase pedestrian safety at intersections is to provide them with a head start. The pedestrians waiting to cross an intersection can be given the walk signal a little early to give them more time to cross to the other side before signal changes allow left or right turns.

71-year-old woman dies in head-on California crash

One woman is dead and a man is injured after a two-vehicle crash in California.

According to reports, a man in a 1998 Honda Civic was on Highway 20, going east. He wanted a cigarette and looked away from the road as he reached for them. In doing so, he allowed his car to drift into the wrong lane, while oncoming traffic was present.

What should I check prior to every motorcycle ride?

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, you likely know how important safety is each time you head out for a ride. Part of being a safe rider is conducting a pre-ride inspection of your motorcycle. This inspection should be conducted before every single ride, not just the first ride of the season. So, what should you check prior to every motorcycle ride in Redondo Beach?

Check both tires prior to every ride. You will want to look for uneven wear on the tires, nails, screws and other debris that could be lodged in them. If you find anything wrong with the tires, you should not ride until they are either repaired or replaced. The tires keep you connected to the ground. They are vital to your safety.


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