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10-year-high for fatal red light accidents

One of the most dangerous situations at an intersection is when someone runs a red light. The drivers on the cross street often have no idea they are at risk as they enter the intersection, and many of these crashes happen at high speeds as people try to beat the yellow light and fail to do so.

How dangerous is this? More than ever. A recent study found that we hit a 10-year-high when looking at the fatalities coming from this illegal practice of red-light running.

Prolonged grief after someone passes away

If you lose a loved one in a car accident, the most natural reaction in the world is to go through a period of grief or mourning. You never need to feel bad about this or assume that you have to move on quickly. Take the time to mourn properly. Turn to friends and relatives for emotional support. Do not be afraid to talk to medical professionals about what you're experiencing, if necessary.

With all of that in mind, you clearly are hoping to move forward with your life in time. Most people see notable progress within the first year. When you don't, and you pass that 12-month mark, that's when you know that you are experiencing prolonged grief.

Do motorcycle helmets make it harder to see and hear?

It's fairly clear that motorcycle helmets can protect you during a crash. However, many riders point out that they need to be able to see and hear perfectly to avoid getting into an accident in the first place. Any restriction on their senses could make an accident more likely. As such, they don't always want to wear helmets, which they believe make it harder to hear traffic around them and to see what's happening on the road, especially in their peripheral vision.

Is there any validity to these claims?

What does it mean if the 'don't walk' hand is flashing?

You get to the crosswalk and wait at the intersection. You use the time to check your phone, so you actually don't notice when it switches to the walk symbol. By the time you look up, it's a red hand that is flashing. You look at the lights on the street going the same direction, and they're green. Now what?

Most people would just try to cross. After all, the lights going that way for the cars are still red. The flashing hand means that pedestrians haven't been instructed to stop crossing yet. Isn't it safe?

Convertibles are more dangerous in rollover crashes

In California, there's a lot to love about driving a convertible. You get to feel that warm summer sun on your face, you get to feel the wind in your hair and you really feel like you are part of this beautiful landscape as you drive through the countryside.

However, this is not without risk. The unfortunate reality is that convertibles offer far less protection if you get involved in a rollover accident. You do not have the benefits of a full protective cage, your head could strike the pavement and you could suffer serious head and brain injuries that you would have avoided in a sedan, a pickup truck or some other type of fully enclosed vehicle.

Woman dies in 3-motorcycle accident

Three motorcycles were recently involved in a crash in California, and one woman tragically lost her life in the accident. She was riding along as a passenger on one of the bikes.

Per the California Highway Patrol (CHP), a previous accident on Ortega Highway had slowed traffic on the road. The three bikes approached that back-up and were forced to slow down, as well.

How air bags keep people alive

An air bag seems simple: When you crash, the bag quickly inflates so that your forward momentum gets arrested by a soft pillow of air instead of the dash, the windshield or the steering wheel.

That is part of how they work. But it actually goes beyond that.

Symptoms of a severe brain injury

Take all brain injuries seriously. Let's start there because the following will address the symptoms of a severe TBI, as opposed to a more mild TBI. But that is not to say that you should ignore mild symptoms and not get medical help. All brain injuries can have lasting ramifications and this is never something you want to take lightly.

With that said, here are some of the symptoms of a severe TBI:

  • Slurring your words
  • Having a seizure or going into convulsions
  • Losing consciousness for a substantial amount of time -- anywhere from a couple of minutes to an hour or more
  • Becoming agitated and restless
  • Feeling confused and unable to put things together
  • Experiencing a lack of coordination, which could make it impossible to walk
  • Experiencing tingling and/or numbness in your limbs
  • Not waking up after you go to sleep
  • Having a headache that just continues to get worse or will not stop
  • Vomiting or feeling like you're about to
  • Having one pupil that is larger than the other or two pupils that are both enlarged

Driving faster does increase your risks of injury or death

People often think that they're skilled enough to drive faster without actually increasing the risks that they face. That's why so many people break the speed limit. They don't see it as gambling with their lives as they try to get to their destinations more quickly.

However, studies have found that's exactly what they're doing. For instance, experts looked at the potential impact of raising speed limits, and they found that doing so could lead to more serious injuries and fatalities on the road. The link, they felt, was unmistakable.

Here's how drivers can protect pedestrians

Drivers absolutely need to understand the risks that pedestrians face, and they need to take proper steps to protect them when they drive. A simple accident can lead to life-changing injuries for the pedestrian, or it can be deadly. A few simple steps may prevent it. They are:

1. Understand that pedestrians always have the right of way in the crosswalk. Some are marked. Some are not. Always respect them, regardless.


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