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Get Injury Compensation After A Bicycle Accident

Bicyclists have steadily gained a presence on roads throughout California. Still, many drivers fail to recognize bicyclists’ rights – or simply fail to see bike riders altogether. Serious injuries result from collisions between bicyclists and motorists.

At the Law Offices of Fred D. Crawford, IV, we are dedicated to helping individuals and bicyclists who have been seriously injured due to negligence on the road. Redondo Beach bicycle accident lawyer Fred D. Crawford takes on the at-fault party and his or her insurance company to collect full compensation for the injuries and losses.

Call us today at 310-421-4732 if you or your child was struck while riding a bike. We provide a free personal injury consultation, serving the South Bay communities and beyond.

Aggressive Representation For Traumatic Injuries

Bicycle accidents often cause traumatic injuries. An individual can easily be struck and suffer broken limbs, be pulled under a vehicle and get crushed or be thrown into the air and suffer a spinal cord or head injury. All too often, bicycle accident injuries prove fatal, leading to wrongful death claims.

We fully investigate the circumstances surrounding every claim and gather evidence and expert testimony regarding:

  • The determination of the at-fault party
  • Traffic regulations in the area and the presence of bike lanes
  • Compliance with traffic signs, signals and right of way
  • Inattentive or reckless driving behavior (speeding or texting while driving)
  • The severity of injuries and their lasting effects, such as disfigurement or disability
  • Short-term and ongoing medical care
  • The pain and suffering the injured rider has endured

We Represent Cyclists In Redondo Beach, Torrance And Beyond

Whether you were cycling for exercise, biking to work or out for a leisurely ride, you deserve to be compensated if a negligent driver caused you injury. Contact our firm online or call 310-421-4732 to schedule a free initial consultation.