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Let A Mediator Help You Solve Your California Dispute

The Law Offices of Fred D. Crawford, IV, provides legal dispute resolution services to attorneys, individuals and businesses looking for cost-effective options that will help them retain control of decision making in their legal disputes.

We mediate cases for plaintiffs and defendants throughout California with complex civil litigation matters, including such areas of law as:

Retain Control Of Your Legal Situation Through Mediation

Redondo Beach mediator Fred D. Crawford, IV, has over 30 years of litigation experience handling cases with complex disputes using the mediation process to assist both parties. Mr. Crawford obtained favorable results while alleviating the financial burden, delays and emotional stress of courtroom proceedings.

Mr. Crawford helps the parties address their unique goals and underlying needs in order to retain control over legal decision making by skillfully mediating legal disputes, rather than handing over that responsibility to a judge or jury.
>We pledge to handle your case with a commitment to results and personal attention, and we will remain dedicated to resolving your case.

Whether you are an attorney, individual or business seeking mediation, we can help with affordable and effective dispute resolution services.

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Contact our firm online or by telephone at 310-421-4732 to schedule a free initial consultation. Find out how mediation can help you resolve your dispute and achieve your goals while reducing the headaches of litigation.