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Uncovering The Causes Of Electric Bicycle Accidents

While electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular, risks are inherent in using these motor vehicles. E-bikes are capable of going twice as fast on average as traditional bikes. Therefore, it makes sense that they also involve more severe accidents and injuries.

At the Law Offices of Fred D. Crawford, IV, we understand the risks of using e-bikes. We also understand how to hold insurance companies accountable for these types of accidents and injuries.

The Dangers For E-Bike Users And Pedestrians

There are downsides to many new technological developments

The risks inherent in riding e-bikes and powered scooters in California include:

  • People riding e-bikes are much more likely to be injured than those riding nonmotorized bicycles
  • E-bikes involve a much higher rate of concussions
  • Internal injuries for e-bike users occur at a much higher rate

In the absence of bike lanes, we see extensive use of e-bikes and powered scooters on sidewalks customarily used by pedestrians. Thus, e-bikes are more likely to collide with pedestrians than those riding traditional bikes.

Investigating The Causes Of E-Bike Injuries

Due to the risks of riding e-bikes, users of e-bikes need to wear helmets to help prevent concussions and other head injuries.

Attorney Fred D. Crawford has significant experience in cases involving motor vehicle and bicycle accident injuries. He knows how to hold negligent parties responsible, including users and their insurance companies. If you received injuries in an e-bike accident, our office will seek compensation for your medical costs, wage loss, and pain and suffering.

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