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January 2014 Archives

Could pedestrian accident have been prevented by crossing guard?

Pedestrians all across Los Angeles know that there is some level of risk associated with sharing the road with motor vehicles. That is why many pedestrians exercise caution at intersections and stay on sidewalks. However, not all motorists take these same precautions. There are many accidents involving a motor vehicle and a pedestrian that happened because of a negligent motorist. Unfortunately, it is generally the pedestrians who suffer the most serious injuries.

Driver who hit 18 pedestrians on Venice Boardwalk to stand trial

People all across California were likely quite upset when they heard about the events that ripped a newly-married couple apart. The young couple was on their honeymoon in Los Angeles when the horrific actions of one man turned their vacation into a tragic nightmare. The wife, along with 17 other people, became the unsuspecting victim of a man who drove his car onto the Venice Boardwalk, plowing into pedestrians.

California motorcyclist killed in hit-and-run crash

The injuries that victims suffer in any type of motor vehicle accident can be quite serious. Broken bones, spinal cord injuries and brain trauma can be very real consequences of getting hit by a car. With prompt medical attention, it is possible for victims to recover from an accident by limiting the damage suffered. However, not all victims get this type of care immediately after a crash because the only person who can help them and call for help has fled the scene of an accident.


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