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Speeding driver flees scene of fatal pedestrian crash

It is bad enough that there are many drivers on the road who would rather take chances and drive recklessly than to be safe. The people who speed or drive while they are drunk or distracted put the lives of the innocent people around them in danger. But to make matters even worse, many of these same negligent drivers try to escape taking any sort of responsibility for their actions.

Too many drivers leave the scene of an accident that they have caused. Often times, these drivers are trying to avoid taking responsibility not only for causing the accident, but for other unlawful behaviors in which they may be engaged at the time of the crash. Police believe that one such driver was involved in a tragic pedestrian accident that left one woman dead and authorities on the hunt for the person responsible.

The recent accident occurred just after midnight in South Los Angeles. A woman was walking to the store for a quick errand and was in the crosswalk when witnesses say a speeding car tore through the intersection. The vehicle crashed into the pedestrian as she crossed the street and never looked back. The driver fled the scene and now authorities are looking for the person responsible for the fatal incident. 

Based on witness statements, police believe that the driver of a dark Ford Taurus was engaged in a street race at the time of the accident. Besides speeding, the driver may have also been drinking at the time or may not have had a valid driver's license which could be why he or she never stopped to help the victim. This is often the case in other hit-and-run accidents. 

People know that accidents happen. But if and when they do, Californians understand that the people involved in the accident are supposed to stop and make sure everything is okay. They exchange contact and insurance information, and there may be reason to call for help if someone is injured. When a driver does not stick around, however, the consequences can be catastrophic for victims, as was the case here. In other hit-and-run accidents, police are able to track down the offender and the victims or their families are able to hold the person legally and financially responsible for negligence. 

Source: CBS Los Angeles, "Woman, 19, Killed In South LA Hit-And-Run," Aug. 19, 2013

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