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California motorcyclist killed by driver pulling out of driveway

A collision between two motor vehicles can result in varying degrees of damage and injuries, depending on a driver's speed and the size and safety features of a vehicle. In general, larger cars can do more damage but may protect the driver and passengers inside more effectively. But there are some vehicles that are always at a distinct disadvantage in any type of accident.

It does not take much of an impact to cause serious injuries to people on motorcycles. Besides a helmet and protective clothing, motorcyclists have few measures in place to protect them from being thrown from or crushed by a bike that has been hit by another vehicle. That is why drivers of cars and trucks are urged to use extra caution around motorcyclists.

Unfortunately, not all drivers remember to do this. 

Recently, for example, a California man was on his motorcycle riding along Los Feliz Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. Just as he was passing by a house, a woman in a BMW pulled out of the driveway and smashed into the biker. She had either failed to check for traffic before she pulled onto the street or she had seen the man on the motorcycle but mistakenly thought she had enough time to get out in front of him. She hit the motorcyclist, who was then thrown from his bike.

As is common in these types of accidents, the motorcyclist suffered catastrophic injuries to his body and his head. After he was taken to the hospital, his injuries proved to be fatal. The driver of the BMW also reportedly suffered injuries, but they were much less serious and included lacerations and shoulder pain.

The difference between the motorist's injuries and the motorcyclist's injuries in this accident shows just how much more catastrophic a crash can be for a biker as compared to a person inside a car. If a motorcyclist survives a crash, he or she can require extensive and ongoing medical treatment for brain injuries, paralysis, broken bones and other potentially life-changing injuries. It is for this reason that many motorcycle accident victims or their families choose to take legal action to pursue compensation from a negligent driver for damages related to injuries or wrongful death.

Source: CBS Los Angeles, "Motorcyclist Killed In Los Feliz Traffic Accident," Nov. 17, 2013

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