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Fatal car wreck in Los Angeles caused by alleged drunk driver

There are some car accidents that are just that: accidents. But far too often, these crashes are caused by a driver who is being reckless or negligent and is choosing to put themselves and others in danger. And it may take a catastrophic accident before these drivers learn their lesson. Unfortunately, this lesson often comes at the expense of innocent people's lives.

That may be the case with the driver who was reportedly the cause of the recent accident in Los Angeles that took the lives of six people. According to early reports, the devastation has been linked to a woman who was not only allegedly impaired at the time, but who also has a history of extremely negligent behavior behind the wheel.

Police have reported that the woman who caused the fatal accident was allegedly intoxicated when she drove the wrong way on the freeway with two other people, who were both killed when the driver lost control of her vehicle. She smashed into a Ford Explorer, killing all four people inside. The driver in a third vehicle that was unable to avoid the horrific accident survived with minor injuries. 

As tragic as the details of this accident already are, police have uncovered more upsetting information. Reports indicate that the woman who caused the crash had lost her license two times due to drunk and negligent driving before the accident. But even license suspension could not deter the woman. She had just gotten her license reinstated days before she allegedly got back behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol.

At this point, it is not known if the woman will face criminal charges. But in similar accidents involving a reckless driver with a history of negligent behaviors, accident victims and their families are able to send a powerful message to the driver by pursuing civil charges. It is true that lawsuits and compensation can never repair the damage that is done in an accident like this one. However, holding the appropriate party accountable for the devastation can serve as a way to further punish a negligent driver and hopefully prevent that person from destroying the lives of other victims.

Source: CBS Los Angeles, "Suspected Driver In Fatal Wrong-Way Crash Had License Reinstated Week Before Accident," Feb. 10, 2014

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