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Motorcyclists: Stay safe this holiday weekend

Riders all across California will likely be enjoying some time on the open road this holiday weekend, whether they are just running errands, heading to a Fourth of July party or cruising around town. However, it can be crucial to remember that during holiday weekends, especially during summer months, there can be a marked increase in the number of other motorists out on the road as well. 

It is important for riders to be aware of this because an increase in traffic could mean an increase in reckless drivers and an increased chance of getting into a serious motorcycle accident. Luckily, police officers across California are also aware of this heightened risk, so it might be reassuring to learn that some police departments are ramping up efforts to stop and cite dangerous drivers during the holiday weekend. 

In Santa Monica, California, police officers will be cracking down on unsafe drivers who may be drunk, distracted or making reckless moves behind the wheel. They say that they hope their efforts will result in fewer motorcyclists getting injured or killed by dangerous drivers who should be ticketed or taken off the road.

Whether a person is on a motorcycle or in a car, reckless driving behaviors can prove to be catastrophic. However, a dangerous driver in a car can do significantly more damage than a motorcycle if unsafe driving results in an accident. Similarly, if a car and a motorcycle are both involved in a collision, the driver could walk away unhurt while the motorcyclist may be permanently or fatally injured. 

Motorcyclists should be aware that they have the right to hold a negligent or reckless driver accountable after an accident. However, hopefully the efforts of police officers this weekend will keep motorcyclists safe all across California.

Source: Santa Monica Lookout, "Santa Monica Police to Enforce Motorcycle Safety," June 30, 2014

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