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What compensation could be available after a car accident?

Victims of any motor vehicle accident can be left with significant and painful injuries. Some injuries may be physical, while others are emotional or psychological. And even though others cannot actually see the full extent of all these damages, it does not mean that they are any less painful.

It can be important to remember this because too often, accident victims fail to accurately determine just how much an accident affects their lives and decide against filing a personal injury claim. But it is crucial for people to understand that compensation that may be awarded in a lawsuit can cover so much more than cuts, broken bones and other visible injuries.

Accident injuries can take a significant toll on a person's life long after a crash has been cleared up. A person can be unable to work for a period time; there may be need for ongoing rehabilitation or therapy; victims can experience depression or mood disorders stemming from the stress of a crash or brain trauma, which can have a dramatic impact on their relationships.

All of these factors can be taken into consideration when and if a victim or a victim's family chooses to pursue compensation. Successful claims can result in damages that cover:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Physical or mental distress
  • Loss of consortium (for a victim's spouse)

Motor vehicle accidents can do so much more harm to a person than what can be seen on the surface, and the law allows victims to pursue compensation for all of these damages. However, it can be difficult to know how to calculate this sum and how to build a case in pursuit of this sum. This is why many car accident victims work with a personal injury attorney who understands how to identify and fight for the compensation victims deserve.

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