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Poor road design near CA intersection contributing to crashes

Road signs and markings are supposed to help drivers and other road users anticipate potential hazards and avoid accidents. Sadly, many people fail to comply with or even consider these crucial notices and end up causing a crash.

However, there are also accidents that happen even when drivers take appropriate caution. This can be the case if a particular roadway is poorly designed or lacking in adequate signage to notify people of changing road conditions. This appears to be the case at one California intersection where a recent accident resulted in injuries to a father and his child who was in a stroller at the time.

According to news reports, the intersection is notorious for the pedestrian accidents that have happened over the years. More than 80 people have been injured at or near the intersection, and residents argue that it is poorly designed and does not keep pedestrians safe.

One resident noted that pedestrians actually avoid crossing the street in the marked crosswalk because it is unsafe and not easily visible to motorists. There is one sign notifying drivers of the upcoming crosswalk, but it is hidden behind trees. This means that drivers are often going too fast to stop in time to avoid pedestrians in the crosswalk.

It has been suggested that the intersection and others like it should be redesigned to keep pedestrians safer.

It does not appear that the driver involved in the most recent accident, which resulted in serious, life-threatening injuries to the father and his child, was negligent at the time but a more thorough investigation will be needed to determine what exactly happened.

In similar auto-pedestrian accidents, it is actually a combination of driver error and hazardous road conditions that contribute to an accident. In order for victims of these accidents to understand their rights and options for taking legal action, it can be crucial to discuss the case with an attorney. Filing a claim can also bring attention to problem areas that pose a threat to pedestrians and other road users.

Source: NBC San Diego, "Father, Infant Suffer Life-Threatening Injuries in Point Loma Crash," Samantha Tatro, Matt Rascon and Wendy Fry, March 2, 2015

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