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Motorcycle accidents a magnified risk in Southern California

Care to venture a guess as to how many motorcyclists there are on streets and freeways in Los Angeles and across Southern California generally?

Neither would we and, if we did, we would safely couch our answer by simply noting that the number is assuredly in the millions.

That road-based reality has clear safety-related implications, given the singular characteristics associated with motorcycles.

For starters, bikers aren't always conceded the full panoply of driving rights accorded motorists in passenger vehicles. Although they are of course entitled to them, some other drivers simply don't acknowledge motorcyclists in the same way they do drivers of four-wheeled vehicles.

And it goes without saying that motorcycle riders and their passengers are endangered in an outsized way by other drivers who pay as much attention to the baubles and gadgets in their cars as they do to immediate roadway concerns.

Put another way: Distracted drivers often see motorcyclists too late, if at all. They force them off roads; they literally steer them into other vehicles; and they collide with them in ways that manifestly spotlight bikers' comparative vulnerabilities.

In short, outcomes in car/bike crashes are sadly predicable. As we note on our website at the Law Offices of Fred D. Crawford, IV, "Injuries sustained [by bikers and their passengers] in motorcycle accidents are typically severe and traumatic."

Yes, motorcyclists are sometimes negligent while behind the wheel. Too often, though, the negligent driving behaviors of other motorists directly yields harshly adverse accident results for bikers.

Our firm provides diligent legal representation on behalf of injured motorcyclists and their passengers that is unwaveringly focused upon helping them receive maximum recoveries for the injuries they suffer owing to the negligence of other drivers.

We invite readers to visit us online at our Motorcycle Accidents page. We welcome your visit.

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