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How to protect children pedestrians in California

Being a pedestrian in the state of California can be incredibly dangerous. Even if you take every safety precaution possible, you could still be hit by a car or truck in Los Angeles. Children who are pedestrians are at even greater risk of being hit by a car or truck due to their age and small stature. Here are some tips for protecting children as pedestrians.

It's never too early to start teaching your child about pedestrian safety. As long as your child can understand directions and instructions, you can begin teaching pedestrian safety. The first lesson should be that they should always look left, look right and look left once more before stepping out into the street. The child should continuing looking both ways as he or she crosses the street.

When crossing the street, all children and teens should put their phones, tablets and other electronic devices away, either in their pocket or in a bag. They also shouldn't wear headphones as they cross the street.

Make sure your children know how important it is for them to cross at intersections, using marked crosswalks, and at a traffic light or stop sign. If your child needs to walk in the street due to a lack of sidewalks, have them walk facing the cars and as far from them as possible.

The majority of children have trouble judging the location and speed of oncoming cars and trucks. Because of this, it's best for children under 10 to cross streets with an adult.

As with anything else in life, you need to set a good example as an adult for your child when it comes to pedestrian safety.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a Los Angeles auto-pedestrian accident, our firm can help you seek compensation for your loved one's injuries and other damages.

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