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Driver rules for pedestrian safety

The state government takes pedestrian safety seriously, and the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has put out a list of rules that drivers must follow when operating their vehicles around pedestrians. These rules can help ensure safe travel for all, regardless of their mode of transportation.

Below are a few of the most important rules:

1. If one car comes to a stop at a crosswalk, no other drivers can pass that car, even if they cannot see a person in the crosswalk. Trying to pass can lead to a dangerous and possibly fatal accident when a person thinks it is safe and walks into the road.

2. Drivers in electric cars must pay extra attention to pedestrians. Since these cars are far quieter than traditional vehicles, pedestrians may be less aware that they're around.

3. Drivers need to watch when pedestrians get close to the street or the crosswalk. Many people will make eye contact as a way of communicating their intentions. If they do this, drivers must recognize that they're going to enter the road.

4. In all situations, drivers have to respect pedestrians' rights and understand that they need to share the road. That does sometimes mean waiting while pedestrians cross the street, but drivers cannot be impatient and crowd them or attempt to cut them off.

5. When drivers stop at red lights, they should never drive so far forward that they block the crosswalk.

These rules can certainly help, but only if drivers follow them. Pedestrians who get hurt in accidents when drivers ignore the basic safety rules need to know how to seek financial compensation for medical bills and other costs.

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