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Police see increase in accidents with cyclists, pedestrians

Police in California have noticed a recent uptick in some of the most dangerous car accidents: Those involving pedestrians and cyclists.

For instance, over a single weekend, they noted that there were six such accidents. Three of those are not yet solved because the drivers ran from the scene. At least one person was killed in one of the accidents.

Officers said that one deadly accident happened around midnight. They have now decided to speak out about the risks of both distracted walking and distracted driving. One second of distraction can lead to a fatal accident or serious injuries. Police are seeing far too many examples of that lately.

The injuries and victims vary widely. In one case, a 28-year-old man lost his life. In another, a 47-year-old woman was hit hard enough that she flew across the road. She did live, but she has critical injuries. In a third case, a cyclist got hit by a car and suffered unreported injuries. The police did talk with that driver, who remained at the crash scene.

In yet another accident, a couple was legally crossing the road in a crosswalk when they got hit. In another tragic case, a motorcyclist ran into an animal and fell off of his bike. He was then run over by an alleged drunk driver. That driver got arrested, and the motorcyclist passed away from his injuries. The age of the motorcyclist was not reported, but it looks like the other driver is 38 years old.

As you can see from these reports, accidents happen in many ways. You cannot always predict them, but you can look into your rights to financial compensation if a loved one is killed or you are seriously injured.

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