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When can you seek loss of consortium compensation after a crash?

Losing someone in a fatal car crash has a broad range of consequences for your life. There are the obvious emotional implications of that loss, as well as the financial consequences of a death in the family.

You and the rest of the family will need to adjust to living without the income generated by the deceased. You will also have to cover the expenses related to the accident, including medical expenses, the cost of repairing or replacing the vehicle, burial expenses and more.

Wrongful death lawsuits help you recover financially after a loss

When a close relatives dies in a fatal car crash, you can often bring a wrongful death lawsuit against the individual who caused the accident. In California, you can seek actual damages, including lost wages, funeral expenses and medical costs. However, a loss of consortium claim is also possible.

What is the loss of consortium?

In layman's terms, loss of consortium means the loss of affection or loss of companionship. It specifically relates to the emotional and social impact of a death on surviving family members. Loss of consortium may be particularly intense for the children and spouse of the deceased, although parents or even siblings could request compensation in certain cases for the lost affection, guidance and care they experience.

It can be very difficult to put a price on the love and affection that you received from your deceased family member. However, seeking loss of consortium compensation as part of a wrongful death suit could help ensure that your family receives the full compensation it is due after a tragic accident. That money can often be used to pay for services that the deceased family member would have provided for free, had he or she lived.

If you've suffered the loss of a loved one through a wrongful death, find out more about your right to file a claim today.

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