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Why intersections are especially dangerous for motorcyclists

As a motorcyclist, you always need to be aware of exactly what is happening in traffic around you. That's the main key to defensive driving. You need to react as soon as you can when someone else makes a mistake.

When you get close to an intersection, though, it's time to take things up a notch. Be even more attentive. Watch traffic more carefully. Plan your escape routes and be prepared to react instantly.

Why? Intersections can be extremely dangerous for motorcyclists. This is where most vehicle-vs-motorcycle accidents happen.

These accidents can happen in many ways. Maybe a driver runs the stop sign or light as you go through. Maybe the driver behind you does not stop and rear-ends your bike as you pull up to the sign. Maybe a driver coming toward you just drifts into your lane as they text and drive through the intersection.

The greatest danger, though, comes from a car that has to turn left. This is the most common accident to happen at an intersection. Essentially, the driver coming toward you does not see your bike or misjudges your speed, and he or she turns left right into your lane. As you go through the intersection, you hit the side of that car or truck.

Can you avoid this? Not always. It happens quickly. If you have the right of way, you expect the other vehicle to wait. You may still get hit, even if you pay close attention and understand the dangers. Make sure you explore your rights to financial compensation if you are injured by an at-fault driver.

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